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Cell Phone Bike Charger

Charge while you ride...
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I frequently go on very long bike rides (over 30 miles) and every time I do, I notice the same thing: my cell phone is nearly drained by the time I get back. I hate to think that if I have to make an emergency phone call because I or one of the people I ride with gets hurt my phone is going to die before I get two words out.

Carrying a spare battery is one option, but having to take out the dead battery, rummage through my backpack for the spare, put the spare in, then turn the phone on and wait for it to "initialize" all to make an emergency call is simply too time-consuming.

I've seen headlights for bicycles that are constantly charged every time you pedal, providing nearly limitless power for the lights. Why not make a cell phone charger using the same kind of generator?

21 Quest, Jul 01 2006

baked http://www.fietsen..../gpsmetpocketpc.htm
scroll down about three quarters of the way. [zeno, Jul 01 2006]

but wait! Two pictures remain! http://images.googl...Afbeeldingen+zoeken
numbers 16 and 19 [zeno, Jul 01 2006]

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       if your cell is dying on those long bike rides, it's likely that it can't find a signal and is therefore amping up its gain in order to try to connect to the network. if you were to ride somewhere more developed, this would probably be less of an issue. if not, you might want to replace its battery anyway.
tcarson, Jul 01 2006

       Ride somewhere more developed??? Sorry, not going to happen. The point of going on such long rides is to get away from "developed" areas.

       Anyway, I don't know why you fishboned this, because all you did was prove why I need more charge on the go. You didn't actually state any problems with the idea itself.
21 Quest, Jul 01 2006

       I was just looking at a hand-cranked flashlight/phone charger. You could take one of those along, and use it while you rest your legs. But that would be silly. It does seem to indicate that a human-powered charger is workable.

       Your idea is good. I do not know anything about bike generators as made these days, but I assume that a charger accessory will be coming out soon. You might be able to make one yourself, if you can get voltages to match. (I made an odometer out of a calculator many years ago, but voltage wasn't the issue.)
baconbrain, Jul 01 2006

       Couldn't find better links but it is baked by the dutch, who else? The name of the bike was the Orange Beach Cruiser which was given to customers of the dutch telephone company Orange if you took the special Orange Beach Cruiser phone and contract. It is discontinued and the links to it are all dead. I'll give you a bun anyway because you had a good idea even if it is baked.
zeno, Jul 01 2006

       If this hasn't already been baked... I think it is a wonderful idea. Always remember... don't drink and bike :)
javajean, Jul 01 2006

       //If this hasn't already been baked...\\ But it has, [javajean].
zeno, Jul 01 2006

       chill [quest] i didn't bone it, just suggested easy alternatives for when this is in development.
tcarson, Jul 01 2006

       Actually, all links are not dead, I've found a few on a basic Google search. The problem is, that device is built into the bike itself. What I'm proposing can be moved from bike to bike. Say I want to go mountain biking, I'm not gonna take a street cruiser just because the company gave it to me, it won't go where I need it to go. Also, you have to sign a 2-year contract to get that one.

       btw, the top link is not the same. Notice there are no wires going to or from that device, which means it's battery-powered. It would help if it was an English-language site.
21 Quest, Jul 03 2006


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