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Cell Phone Emergency Locator

Emergency signal sent from cell phone to help if you can't dial!
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Let's just say that you are driving home or coming from a friends house late at night. You drive and drive and you swerve to miss a deer and pludge head long into some ditch. Your lights are out, its dark and no one saw it happen....but you have that trusty cell phone. What good is the phone if you can't give excatly where you are. ALL thats EVERY Cell phone should come with a system to alert local 911with the push of a button and they can pinpoint where you are with the same attennas used to with your phone. Your last breath may not be enough to tell some dim lady your first and last name, birth date and blah blah. Just push a button and help is on the way. Think about it.
Lilaliya757, Nov 15 2001

What is OnStar: Services? http://www.onstar.c...tml/ao_features.htm
Just what you asked for, I believe. [Aristotle, Nov 15 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Triangulation http://searchnetwor...7_gci753924,00.html
The method I described to locate a cell-phone. [Aristotle, Nov 15 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Cell Phone Audio Memory http://www.halfbake...ne_20audio_20memory
See use no. 5 [beauxeault, Nov 15 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

The link mentioned by [trialex]. http://brisbane.cit...B/0044/27/81/7.html
Emergency call at the push of a button. [jutta, Nov 06 2005]


       I'm not sure the antennae on cellular network towers *know* exactly where you are. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure they don't. Maybe if you had a GPS thingy integrated into your phone...   

       Of course, this assumes you're able to get to your phone and use it in the event of a car crash. Why not just have the thing built into the car instead of the phone?   

       Finally, I don't believe 911 makes you answer a battery of personal questions before they ask what your emergency is.
snarfyguy, Nov 15 2001

       With On-Star this is baked. It is a car-based system that has three buttons, one of which alerts an operator that you have had an accident and specifies your location.   

       You can located via celluar phone networks as you can time your distance from each mast that can see your phone. Trigonometry does the rest.   

       I'll dig out some links.
Aristotle, Nov 15 2001

       I have a hive of honeybees as a hobby. I've never had an anaphylactic reaction to a bee sting (I wouldn't have the bees if I had), but that doesn't mean I never will. Such a reaction is most dangerous if it swells the throat and mouth tissues because it can block one's ability to breathe. In the early stages, it could also impede clear speech. So I've often considered recording a sound file of me saying that I'm experiencing anaphylactic shock and need an ambulance, and using that file to play for a 911 operator if I ever need to. (I do also have an epi-pen).   

       Since my bees are in my back yard, I don't need a cell phone or triangulation for this purpose, but if I could get the phone to play the message by pressing a single button, that would be better. That's why I suggested such a use in my idea, "cell phone audio memory," which has since been at least partially baked.
beauxeault, Nov 15 2001

       Now there's an emergency cell phone that does exactly what you want - as long as you can push the button. The call goes to a center that runs a GPS location and contacts the nearest 911 center. You can use it to call other people but you can't receive calls. It will be years before the big cellular guys get location technology worked out....BTW the product is the MobilePAL+GPS.
kconk2, Jan 03 2002

       This is exactly what you are talking about....   


       Push a button, the mobile phone SMS the service with your location, calls them and they call police/ambulance/fire service.   

       Too bad if you are outside OZ!
trialex, Jun 06 2004


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