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Cell Phone Satellites

closer & quicker than GEO
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Communication satellites in geosynchronous orbit are so far away that the signal takes so long to get there and back. If the satellites were closer the signal will arrive quicker. I know they will not appear stationary from earth but if there was several satellites, like the GPS system, they can pass the signal from one to the other when in range, much like the ground stations for cell phones.
the great unknown, Aug 08 2007

Motorola Iridium http://www.satsig.n...satellite-phone.htm
[Wrongfellow, Aug 08 2007]

Moon VLO device Moon_20VLO_20Device
Maybe one of these? [bungston, Apr 08 2009]

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       Sounds like the Iridium system - see link.   

       I would call it baked, but Motorola famously failed to bake it!
Wrongfellow, Aug 08 2007

       Re: Iridium. Well they bake out of the sky pretty regularly, don't they?
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 08 2007


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