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Disaster-Cam Network

The very best of the world's worst disasters
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This may sound weird. A High-Definition satellite video network covering the globe, continuously filming areas known for their potential for horrible disasters (anything will do, the wilder and bigger, the better). Able to quickly perceive, lock on to and capture the catastrophe to record the event and log it onto the database. Movie producers would use the resulting footage media pool to select from when planning their next mega-film, saving millions in production costs. Need a few crashes? Just browse the latest daily events and find what you need, download and edit it into your production. Blow something up without all the mess? No stunt crew or SFX budget left? No problem, select from the best of the world's worst here, all at fire-sale (pun intended) prices. Theatre ticket prices would drop to where you could actually afford to take the family out for the evening. Replace reality TV shows like Fear Factor with actual real-life incidents on the new Darwin Awards show. What cable station would pick that one up?! Doesn't get much more real than that!
gkitf16, Jan 28 2005


       Even if I think of this idea as a sarcastic criticism on society I still find it tasteless.
zeno, Jan 28 2005


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