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Cell phone reverb

Just like the truckers!
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Anyone who's listened to the tractor trailers on the CB radio has probably heard the sophisticated reverberation units these guys merrily use as they roll down the Interstate.

So why isn't this dazzling technology available to cell phone users? Imagine yakking it up about the latest WWF or Reba Macintyre gossip, your voice echoing on the phone line just like Big-Rig Hank.

The first model to hit the shelves would be the "Nokia 10-4"!

timvasquez, Apr 17 2001

Battery-powered reverb/delay unit http://www.harmony-...everb_Delay-01.html
With a small matter of plug adapters and an external microphone, easily bakeable. P'raps that's what the truckers did? (For tk: a reverberation unit is an electronic gadget that simulates echo or reverberation, as in a cave or large room. oom. oom. oom. oom.) [rmutt, Apr 17 2001]


       don't have a CB. ummmm... can you explain what a reverberation unit is?
tkeyser, Apr 17 2001

       But my phone already... OH! You mean it's a feature, not a flaw?
Dog Ed, Apr 17 2001

       If you are hearing an echo in your cell phone, it's definitely a flaw. The cell service provider should notice when things like echo cancellation fail, but from what I've heard Sprint PCS (and maybe others) are not good at reading their error logs.   

       The sad part about bad/no echo cancellation is that you (on the mobile) are the only one that hears it. If both ends heard it you could say, "I'll meet you at the restaurant in 10 minutes.. let's get ready to rumble."
randydarden, Apr 18 2001

       i think, weighing cost and trouble vs. annoyance factor, it would be easier, cheaper, and more annoying to just lean on your horn or press buttons on the phone at random. but, it's a cool electric gadget, and therefore gets a good vote.
tkeyser, Apr 18 2001


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