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Centenarian Beauty Pageant

Give them something to aspire to
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I was looking at a picture of the world's oldest woman at 116 and wow! I hate to sound cruel, but she looked like a bloated fish. This gal was really hard to look at. Bear with me now. When she died, the second oldest became the oldest and gained instant notoriety for a few days until she died too.

This is going somewhere. Hold on.

Thing was, the second oldest gal at 115 looked a heck of a lot better by comparison. I mean, night and day.

So once you get into your 80s and 90s, I think you're supposed to abandon any hope of looking good, but along with it some of the things that you might do to enhance your health and quality of living. Having a post 100 year old beauty pageant might give the old gals something to aspire to, and the side effects might be that they'll be healthier. Yes, they might not be able to compete with much younger women, but anybody can look good for their age.

Once it becomes a thing, we might get some surprises. As looking good into old age becomes something to aspire to, they might get better, the state of the art advancing similar to how athletic achievements are constantly being bettered, running times etc.

There may even be a beautiful 100 year old some day. How cool would that be? Make getting older less scary for all of us.

doctorremulac3, Dec 08 2015

Raquel Welch at 75 years old http://static9.imag...136/75ca3c55553863c
[doctorremulac3, Dec 08 2015]

Cheryl Tiegs at 68 years old http://www.picpicx....96a86603.jpg?b9861e
[doctorremulac3, Dec 08 2015]

Christie Brinkley at 61 years old https://aqu52.files...ley.jpg?w=292&h=417
[doctorremulac3, Dec 08 2015]

Jane Fonda at 77 years old http://www.wmagazin...05/jane-fonda-8.jpg
[doctorremulac3, Dec 08 2015]

Michelle Pfeiffer at 57 http://showbzinn.co...elle-pfeiffer-2015/
Hmm. Just noticed that all these gals are American. Another reason for the world to hate us. [doctorremulac3, Dec 08 2015]

This gal looks ok. http://static.guim....r-old-woman-012.jpg
[doctorremulac3, Dec 08 2015]


       I misread this as Centenarian Beauty Pregnant. That would be a very scary pageant.
piluso, Dec 08 2015

       What did you think it said? Centurion beauty pageant? Not that there would be anything wrong with it but I'm assuming that would cater mostly to the non heterosexual among us.   

       Nope. Centenarian beauty pageant. We could skip the swimsuit portion of the contest, but being presentable past 100 should be applauded I think.
doctorremulac3, Dec 08 2015

       We must stop fighting aging, all old people I know that keep their vitality is because their minds are busy learning, doing stuff, and often working. I don't see how (even more) promotion of physical beauty will help us to face our years.
piluso, Dec 08 2015

       //I don't see how (even more) promotion of physical beauty will help us to face our years.//   

       Mostly for the physical benefits that come along with trying to look good. You can't look good just by makeup and plastic surgery when you're 100 years old, these women would have to be athletes with great knowledge of nutritional science and probably a pretty stout psychological makeup as well.   

       I agree there's no reason to celebrate young people who happen to be born beautiful, but for somebody to look good past 100 would be pretty inspiring and I'm guessing no easy task.   

       This isn't promotion of beauty, it's promotion of old beauty.
doctorremulac3, Dec 08 2015

       In space no one can hear you wrinkle.   

       Not expecting any buns for this, just thought it was an interesting idea.
doctorremulac3, Dec 09 2015

       // I don't see how (even more) promotion of physical beauty will help us to face our years.//   

       There's the problem right there: "help us to face our years". Ageing is a horrible, cruel, debilitating, de-dedignifying disease that is, so far, 100% fatal. It is not something to be faced, it is something to be cured.   

       In the past 50 years, life expectancies for AIDS have increased by a factor of 5 or 10. Life expectancies for most cancers have doubled, tripled or more. Survival rates for many illnesses have risen towards 100%. Yet life expectancy for ageing has only increased a few percent, and the cure rate remains 0%. This is unacceptable. It is the elephant in the room, and it is grey and wrinkly.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 09 2015


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