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Centerfuge Train - San Jose to San Francisco in Five Minutes

60 miles in diameter, get on at one side and off at the other.
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Granted, getting on and off is the tricky part, but it could be done.

A great deal of the energy you put into getting this massive thing spinning is preserved despite people getting on and off of it. You simply need to get the person getting on up to the speed necessary with some kind of mass accelerator and off with some mechanism that won't squish them. Presumably they'd be in some kind of lightweight pod that would mesh with the on/off mechanism easily without trimming off any body parts.

doctorremulac3, Jan 06 2015

Prior art Kiritimaticentrifugomobile
[normzone, Jan 06 2015]


       I presumed the centre would be at San Jose. No problem getting on, or off.
pocmloc, Jan 06 2015

       rant [-]
Voice, Jan 06 2015


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