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clockwork anti-lock brakes

Use a swinging-weight escapement mech to allow wheels to turn in increments
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On some trains, the emergency brakes operate with enough force to lock up the wheels. Unfortunately, a wheel that locks up while traveling at speed may develop a flat spot as a result.

My proposal would be a fairly simple (but big) swinging-weight escapement mechanism that would be engaged when the brake cylinder loses all pressure. This system would permit the wheels to rotate briefly between times that they sliding. This should avoid having one spot heat up enough to cause damage.

supercat, Apr 30 2008

Anti-lock braking system http://en.wikipedia...lock_braking_system
[vedarshi, Apr 30 2008]


       [-] baked. see the link.
vedarshi, Apr 30 2008

       ?, [verdashi]. Rather than ABS, this is AFS (Anti Flat Spot). Completely different.
Ling, Apr 30 2008

       [ling] ABS, under heavy braking, prevents skidding and allows the wheel to continue to forward roll. Thus the question of wheel locking & flat spot doesn't arise. What is the need of AFS then ?
vedarshi, Apr 30 2008

       Perhaps "anti-flat-spot" braking would be a better description, since under this proposal the wheels would indeed lock briefly but repeatedly. The anti-lock braking systems I'm aware of require a source of power to operate them; the anti-flat-spot braking system I'm suggesting would be powered by the train's motion.
supercat, Apr 30 2008

       Moreover, ABS modulates slip (and doesn't alternate between locked up and rolling), which in the case of rubber is gradual. In the case of steel on steel, I would think that the slip is very sudden, and so it would be extremely difficult to control.
Ling, Apr 30 2008


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