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Cesspool Nukes

For onsite residental power generation
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Some older houses in USA have abandoned or decommissioned cesspools on their property. Older ones are lined with bricks, later models reinforced concrete. Typically cylindrical, 3-5 feet wide, 10-20 feet long, buried with the top several feet below ground (more if the house has a basement instead of being built on a slab or crawlspace), some distance away frm the house. When decommissioned they typically get filled with gravel, but when abandoned they're just left as nice empty spaces undergound.

Perfect spot to place a small pebble-bed nuclear reactor. Near the house, and the ground provides good radiation sheilding. A reactor that small may generate only 20kW or so - but it will do so without refueling and very little maintenance for decades.

Better than trying to put one in your garage or baement.

a1, May 10 2024


       So not a new dirty bomb idea?
Skewed, May 10 2024

       Depends if the cesspool was drained or not.
a1, May 10 2024

       As an aside - this idea came about because we're selling our main home and an inspection found an abandoned cesspool we never knew about. We're not having it decommissioned unless the buyer (or their mortgage lender) insists.   

       But I wish I had known about it twenty years ago. If I had, I wouldn't have kept the experimental reactor in the basement. It was a pain getting that thing moved out before the radon testing.
a1, May 10 2024


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