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Chachka Rotisserie

Seasonal Seasonings
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As the holidays rotate past, so do home holiday displays. I therefore propose a combination display and storage unit for all one’s holiday collectibles based on the familiar rotating jewelry display case. At the touch of a button, winter turns to spring and Santa and his reindeer disappear, replaced by an Easter garden complete with ceramic rabbits and eggs. Out of season displays are stored in the back of the unit, retrieved when selected. Can also hold family photo displays, sports trophies, beer can collections, etc. for display between holidays.
nuclear hobo, Mar 31 2007


       + I'm voting yes because you used the word *chachka*; I was never quite sure how it was spelled. Oh, and a cute idea, too.
(It would be more halfbaked if you had made it out of an old rotating BBQ grill.)
xandram, Mar 31 2007

       Is this one of those different - sides - of - the - big - water things ? I learned it as chotchke, plural chotchkies. I've also seen it spelled tchotchke for those who like a bit of eastern european flavor. Pedantry aside, I like this ...
batou, Apr 02 2007

       Yiddish tshatshke, from Polish dialectal czaczka (slang: a cheap showy trinket).   

       The 'big water' is the Pacific. I think the term you are looking for is 'across the pond'.
nuclear hobo, Apr 02 2007


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