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Growing Shelves

Keep valuables safe from children with furniture that grows while they do!
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As anybody with children can tell you, children find ways to get into things that you never imagined. One of the issues that we, as parents, must face is that the safe hiding nooks eventually become easy prey for children as they grow.

However, instead of finding out the hard way that the safe shelf that contained the jewelry, cookies, Draino, etc has now become accessable to the growing child, shelfing that can be programmed to grow along with the child will take care of that problem (until the children learn to use a chair).

The growing shelves would be on pneumatic legs that would extend over time at a rate that would keep up with the growing child, but still make the contents of the shelves accessible to adults.

RobGraham, Jan 10 2002


       Growing window sill would also be a winner.   

       Nothing is safe until they have left home.
arora, Jan 10 2002

       I found lining the shelf with "mousetraps" done the trick (the kids cant see them but the adults can)
Pretoria, Jan 11 2002


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