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Chair Drill

I beleive it was Edison himself who wrote: "now if only there was a way to put all your body weight onto a drill. that would really be something!" or maybe it was Twain
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anyway, make a chair where the legs are metal tubes with grips on the bottom, and the seat can slide up and down the legs easily. there would be a number of clamps and fitting on the bottom of the seat, and that's where you put the drill. line it up with where you want your whole, or your screw, and sit on it. turn on the drill. goes down nice and easy. I was building a deck when i came up with this. It's ideal for hard surfaces, when you need your full weight on the drill. It won't spin you because of the grips and mostly because of your own inertia. warning: small children should not use this product as it may turn into a personal centrefuge.
schematics, Jul 08 2004


       What happens when i want a hole in a wall?
engineer1, Jul 09 2004

       Is not a drill press capable of putting even more force down? Lever?
loonquawl, Apr 22 2009

       I like this - like a carpenter's brace but with a seat on it. More portable than a drill press, which is important (things that need a lot of effort to drill are typically big and immobile).   

MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 22 2009

       Doesn't having to exert more pressure on your drill suggest that your drill-bits aren't sharp enough? -
Unless you're drilling into stone or concrete - fair enough, carry on.
zen_tom, Apr 22 2009


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