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Chameleon Car Seats

car seats which change colour seasonally.
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I dislike it when my dark-coloured car upholstery is searing hot on summer days. It would be nice to have car interior which changes colour seasonally, gradually, in response to ambient temperature. Light-coloured in the summer; dark in the winter. Some sort of chemical dye or treatment.
cxl9, Feb 04 2004


       Or, do you remember Hypercolor clothes from somewhere around the late 80s early 90s? For example you had a dark pink shirt and when you put it on and your body heat started warming it up the shirt would change colors to a lighter pink. Car seats could be made out of this material so you'd at least have a warning for when your car seats were searing hot. Dark pink= sit down and drive. Light pink= Damn it! Where's the towel?
tchaikovsky, Feb 05 2004

       hey [tchai] - any chance of finishing that Third Piano Concerto then?
PeterSilly, Feb 05 2004


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