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Chameleon cables

Now you see them ...
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Tired of looking at a spider's nest of computer wiring ? Then what you want are BorgCo chameleon cables.

Each cable has an outer casing made of OLEDs and e-ink chromophores in a programmable array.

To use, install the Chameleon cable in place of the existing one. Then stand back, and using your camera phone, tablet, or pc webcam run the application. The cable will run through an illumination sequence allowing the app to "place" it in the image.

Next, use the graphics tool to "paint" background colours from the image onto the cable - the cable itself will respond by changing its colour and illumination to match. After a few minutes work, the cabled will merge into the background.

Photosensors continually adjust the cable's parameters to match the incident light.

8th of 7, Jun 23 2016


       Artsy. Go from confused Technicolor vomit to pleasantly monochromatic. [+]
whatrock, Jun 23 2016

       <trips next to [8'ths] desk>
<breaks nose>
<begins litigation>

       "Oh my neck!"
"My neck 'and' my back!"

       actually this could go well with external wiring like power cords for lamps; no more clashing visually with the wainscoting and the wallpaper at the outlet.
beanangel, Jan 14 2018


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