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Change Lane order

Safer roads by altering lane order
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Imagine that you lift into the air all three lanes of a motorway, then without jumbling up their order - you then cross them over the three lanes coming the other way and lay them down again. You now have a much safer and cheaper motorway. The slow lanes are in the centre so that crashes are less serious. The two hardshoulders are together so that emergency services have more room. You only need one service station in the centre, not two on each side. All that is requires is for ne junction layouts to be designed. The beauty of this system is that you do not need drivers to learn to drive on a different side of the road - driving order has not changed at all. It is just safer, cheaper and better.
timothy, Mar 23 2001


       Either that, or people enter and exit from the fast lane, which doesn't seem like a very good idea either.
egnor, Mar 23 2001

       here in Michigan we all drive like fuckers and pass on the outside anyway.
moonmoose, Mar 23 2001

       The problem is that the slow people on the inside lane will now have no way to get to that lane and no way to get off of it. The way it works now is that the rest of us have to slow down to get off the highway. The slow people will not want to speed up to get off the highway.
bspollard, Dec 11 2002

       I almost posted a similar idea but I found this one. I was thinking how odd it is that when a car is coming towards me, I stay on the right hand side of the road to pass, but when overtaking, I'm supposed to pass on the left. That kind of makes sense on two lane roads, but I've noticed that in the hallways of the cube farms, people tend to adopt similar rules when walking. Now if I'm walking slowly one way, then suddenly change my mind about the direction I want to be going, I can easily turn around and start walking the other direction, but if there was someone overtaking me on the left, it becomes unclear whether they should continue the same course to pass on the left (now my right hand side), or at what point they should alter course and pass on the right just because I turned around. What is a person to do if I stand in the middle of the hallway rotating?   

       To avoid this _serious_ problem, we should always pass on the right hand side whether the other party is walking in the same or opposite direction. To avoid accidently running into someone overtaking on the right while making a right turn, one should always turn 270 degrees to the left instead.   

       The 270 degree left turn would not work as well for cars unless the center lane was large enough for cars to make a clean u-turn. However once roads were improved this way, it would make it easier to search for a desitination on both sides of a 6-lane road, and it would be easier to enter a narrow driveway without hitting the curb with a rear wheel.
scad mientist, Sep 10 2012

       This was the sole idea posted by [timothy]. He disappeared and was never heard from again. Perhaps he made an ill-advised lane change.
normzone, Sep 10 2012

       Makes sense to you.
Lesser Spotted Kiwi, Sep 11 2012


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