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Change Separator Pockets

Let the pockets do the separating.
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Depending on your country's currency system, you would have about 4 big loose pockets, all lined up in a vertical line. Their bottoms are to be just inside the elastic opening of the pocket below, the whole thing resembling a 2D version of stacked disposable cups. Each bottom of the pocket (exept the last one) would have one or two rigid slits that let coins of sertain diameters pass. The sizes of the slits for each subsequent pocket should (naturally) be smaller than the last one. When the cashier gleefully gives you a mountain of change, just smile back, put the coins in the top pocket, and jump around. soon, the pockets will separate your useless pennis* with those shimmering quarters*. So when you need a certain coin, you will always be able to take the right one out. at the first try. There would be numerus design options for this avant grade fashion. Labeling each pocket according to the coin type in a big red font would be just the thing to impress your date. Your sophisticated peer would enjoy the word play when you explain that "Pennies" goes through "slits." Above all, you would not have to fumble with all four* types of coins while the other hand is busy scratching your nose.

* For people who are not using USA currencies: well, too bad! I'm not going to waste my precious energy imagining some foregin coins fitting some imaginary gaps.

synergy~, Sep 08 2003

Albert(tm), Brought to You by EvilPeople, INC. (TM) http://www.gaijin.c...dex.cgi?productID=1
Your Own Thirty-six Year Old Guy [synergy~, Oct 06 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       crazy person!   

       from the creator of personal pocket shredders...
po, Sep 08 2003

       I suspect that, after dropping a handful of change into the upper-most pocket, a certain amount of jumping, shaking, bopping and shimmying would be required to get the coins to filter down. For that, +.
AO, Sep 08 2003

       "What is that man doing, shimmying with his hand in his pocket?" +
Worldgineer, Sep 08 2003

       "He's trying to get his useless pennis in the slit."
FarmerJohn, Sep 08 2003

       I was wondering about that, too. Is that one of the new Euro coins...?
DrCurry, Sep 08 2003

       I read this as "charge seperator pockets". That might result in some large electrical discharges between your two pockets. Which would keep things lively.
bungston, Sep 08 2003

       I don't know about you, but I value my pennis highly. You're welcome to lose your "roll of pennis" if it's so useless, it would mean that much less "spare change" in the world.   

       Perhaps you want to "balance your checkbook" again. You might come up with a different spelling.   

       Bwahhaha, I'm so smug.
Eugene, Sep 08 2003

       Well I like it, misspellings and all. WTAGIPBAN. Welcome to the bakery!
krelnik, Sep 09 2003

       //I'm not going to waste my precious energy imagining some foregin [sic] coins fitting some imaginary gaps//   

       synergy~, are you actually Alan Greenspan?
friendlyfire, Sep 14 2003

       This would be great to incorporate into pizza delivery uniforms.
RoboBust, Sep 14 2003

       I would just like to note for the record, that the word is "pennies", you vulgar people.
Face, Sep 15 2003

       no, its not - read the idea.
po, Sep 15 2003

       Very much baked. Pocket-sized coin valet, $6.95. You're welcome to it, as I don't carry much change myself. See link.
Utah, Sep 15 2003

       [Utah] Does the pocket-sized coin valet in the link automatically separate your change?
AO, Sep 16 2003

       [utah] that pouch doesn't separate coins automatically. it's just for blind people.
synergy~, Sep 17 2003

       who gave me this power to delete any postings (annotations & links) on my idea? I can not control myself, I tell you! Sorry {utah}, I stupidly deleted your link. my appologies.   

       {krelnik}, thanks! this place is awsome.
synergy~, Oct 19 2003

       How do you get the coins out? A pocket that allows a penny in isn't going to fit a hand...and if you were to have some sort of velcro flap device would result in the money falling out as far as I can tell. + anyway, I know someone can figure it out...
inc_b, Oct 19 2003

       I think this would be a brlliant idea   

       i live in AU and it would still work with our currency but the coins would not be in value order but a great idea never the less +
-Z-, Mar 31 2004


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