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Changing The Way I Tolk

A small plastic device that makes the opposite sex like you more
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While watching a NYtimes commercial I was mesmerized by the voice of the actor. I wish I had a distinct voice too. I somehow don't like mine, it's too thin. I need a voice modulation device - this is a non-electrical insert (through surgery) that is placed at some point near the hyoid bone and changes sound (with the same physics as a musical instrument). Maybe there is a spot that creates an echo, how cool would it be if we could talk in echo?.. maybe not so much not so much.

A new market for Bose?

nomadic_wonderer, Jul 18 2008


       More fun it were adjustable.
4whom, Jul 18 2008

       If you listen to Madonna's first album, then her third, you will realize that she had something of the sort. By the look of the pipes on that lady maybe it was just anabolic steroids. These could help you too, nomad.
bungston, Jul 18 2008

       This is a good idea.
zeno, Jul 18 2008

       [bungston] I had no idea...
nomadic_wonderer, Jul 18 2008


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