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Chanting Wheels

Put that microphone to good use!
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On our mass transit buses the bus driver is supposed to announce all major thoroughfares and points of interest. The problem is you can't ever understand a word they are saying. It comes out as mumbo-jumbo. If it were organized mumbling that would be different. But it's not. It's always "mmhhhhh dmmhhhh a mmmoooohhhh mm". Or something equally as meaningless to us all. We all just look at one another and shake our heads and shrug our shoulders.

So I say why waste a good microphone and sound system. Instead of mumbling the driver could start a low "Ommm" chant. If he wanted he could throw in a little "Shiva shiva" in there, just to shake things up and keep em interesting. If you didn't want to chant you wouldn't have to. Just put your earphones back on, and listen to your ipod like everyone does anyway.

But for those of us who would like to, we could chant. Ommmmmmm...

Did I mention the bus driver could be called the Om-nibusman? Well he could.

blissmiss, Nov 16 2009

Gamelan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gamelan
Give it a bash ... [8th of 7, Nov 17 2009]


       Getting through the crowd would be easier as well.   

       Ohmm, ohmanipardonmemumpardonme...   

       Would you ever arrive at your destination, or just travel the road again and again until you achieved Enlightenment ?
8th of 7, Nov 16 2009

       All that ommmming would raise the state of the bus engine to a beautiful purr of motion tranquility.
wjt, Nov 16 2009

       I almost thought this was going to be an idea to make the interaction of the wheels of the bus and the road itself announce the stops, just like that William Tell overture road.   

       However a chanting bus, as a communal activity, sounds good to me. Could there be additional percussion instruments to play? Additional that is to the bell to request the bus to stop.
Aristotle, Nov 17 2009

       Hmmm, that bell. I forgot about the bell. Yes, someone could ting the bell to start the chant and end it. And perhaps a little cymbal every now and again, for impact. Like right after someone cuts the bus off, and nearly collides with it. Nice additions. Thanks Mr. Aristotle.
blissmiss, Nov 17 2009

       // additional percussion instruments //   

       Gamelan ?   

8th of 7, Nov 17 2009

       The ceiling of this bus is a massive planar speaker membrane of laminated polyester film wired to a 100,000 watt amplifier. When optimum room/cabin resonance is achieved by the occupant's chanted chorus this system is triggered into feedback thus creating an orgiastic state of mass transcendence. Mass transituent bliss.   

       Transit officials and city council members are suddenly overwhelmed with glossy-eyed demand. Inevitably, the notion is adapted to shopping malls, sporting events, and political rallies.   

       And you thought the world couldn't get any creepier.
outloud, Nov 17 2009

       Creepy, creepy, how dare you call me creepy...you creep! Just kidding. You can call me creepy, if you want.
blissmiss, Nov 17 2009

       A gamelan is petty good but could take up quite a bit of passenger space. Prehaps dangling handgrips, where they are available, could have bells on?
Aristotle, Nov 17 2009

       I *do* have heard something pretty similar to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir coming from the inner guts of an old GMC truck passing by. I think it was the motor shaft in arrangement with the wheel differential. And the muffler in the continuo bass line.
selenio, Nov 18 2009

       [8th_of_7] YES!
The Wheels On The Bus Goes Bish Boom Bang...
Dub, Nov 18 2009

       In an airplane you can join the chant. "do not fall like a rockmmmmm. do not hit anythingmmmm. don't be late to the gatemmmm"
popbottle, Feb 22 2016


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