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Charger Battery

Rechargeable batteries for charging rechargeable batteries
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No need to look for the electric outlet. From this invention and on you'll find almost everywhere Charger Batteries. Rechargeable batteries with a slightly higher charge than the ones you wish to recharge.

They will be found on the desk, near the couch and in other places around the house. Too heavy to be lugged around outside, but nice enough to be furniture, and light enough to be easily portable, these devices are a life-save.

It has a host of connectors, and gives the correct amount of electricity safe of surges.

Of course SOMEONE has to remember to charge the CB's but that can be done when you are DONE charging your mobile and want to leave.

A display shows what the exact status of the CB is.

pashute, Sep 27 2011


       This idea could be used for electric vehicles.
pashute, Apr 24 2013


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