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Chariot-Style Bus Racing

Retired Buses and Coaches Should Have a Good Send Off
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For some reason, my city still has conventional diesel powered buses. I assume it is because of some combination of incompetence and a casual disregard for the population, since there can be no more appropriate use for electric vehicles than the stop-start totally predictable bus application. Anyhow, the world's bus fleet is slowly being replaced and vast numbers of legacy diesel buses are becoming available. What to do with them?

Racing is the obvious answer. Conventional racing would simply identify the fastest type of bus and then it would be no more interesting than F1. Instead we need more of a show.

So, the steering is achieved by means of long, chariot-style reigns. The driver stands on top at the back of the bus in a purpose-built waist high enclosure. Braking is achieved through a voice-control system designed to recognize the word "Whoooa!" and brake modulation is achieved by pulling on both reigns.

The accelerator is mounted on top at the front of the bus. It's action is like those taps at camp-sites and other places that like to be stingy with water. The type where you press and get ~1 second of full flow, then it tails off to nothing over ~2-3 seconds or so. To accelerate, the driver must press the accelerator from his position at the back of the bus using only the well-practiced actions of the provided horse-whip. Of course hitting the accelerator will get harder with increased speed and cornering, driver skill and a certain element of luck will be the main determinants of winning, bus-to bus contact will be encouraged.

bs0u0155, Aug 20 2020


       Better yet, the driver should sit in an actual chariot, with several buses hooked together he controls through reins.
RayfordSteele, Aug 20 2020

       The driver should stand on a skateboard controlling one bus with each hand.
pocmloc, Aug 21 2020

       Racing around freely driver chosen service routes, picking up and dropping off patrons. Buses free to wander over their pastures..
wjt, Aug 21 2020

       Yes...Rayford's addition certainly increased the visual value for me. So two +.
blissmiss, Aug 22 2020


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