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Charity Work gift certificate

Show how much you really care
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Who wants a third toaster, a tie, or another meaningless purchased item? Is shows nothing more than how much extra money the giver had. What really counts is thought and time.

These giftable certificates would show that a certain number of hours of charitable effort had been expended at the giftee's behalf personally by the giver.

Voice, Nov 09 2012


       //Who wants a third toaster, a tie, or another meaningless purchased item?//   

       I'll take any or all of those, if you're offering.
ytk, Nov 09 2012

       WKTE. And everybody hates them.
DIYMatt, Nov 10 2012

       Since when have I done that? I was actually referring to the linked product. Granted, your idea is slightly different, which is why I didn't mfd or 'bone it.
DIYMatt, Nov 10 2012


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