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Charity Pornathon

Collect smut for the needy
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A host of b and c-list celebrities appear on television collecting porn for people in countries too censored to have porn of their own or people too poor or young to own porn of their own.

Throughout the evening they ask people to dig deep and look in wardrobes or under the bed for any unwanted porn. Later on, large companies make donations of very large pornographic publications to do their bit for the community.

normski, Mar 14 2001


Susen, Mar 14 2001

       Damn, I thought this one would be about getting a host of b and c list pornstars to have sex on pay per view, all proceeds to charity. Viewers/perverts (whatever) could phone in and make 'requests' for pledges.   

       Who am I kidding, it's probably already been done.
key-aero, Aug 03 2001

       uh, pornography isn't really something that should be promoted...or freely distributed to people who need to concentrate on other things (the economically unstable) and most of all, CHILDREN. doooo jesus. although, i won't admit that key-aero's idea sounds good...although i can only imagine the pornography industry wouldn't be too fond of it.
Maeve, May 06 2003

       Doesn't anyone have any links they would like to share on this topic please?
PainOCommonSense, Mar 30 2004


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