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Cheetos Dust Collector

Removes Cheeto/Dorito/anything ending in -ito residue from your fingers
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I love me some Cheetos, but I hates me the oily, dust-like residue that accumulates on my fingers as I eat them. Usually a napkin will suffice, but when your Cheetos have emerged from a vending machine and a napkin or sink is not handy, things get messy quick. I find myself using novel locations to wipe the Cheeto dust - under the chair, on the carpet, on the grass if outside (on the socks is popular, apparently), none of which are really adequate. To address this, the Frito Lay company could engineer their bags to have mylar or teflon or some other electrostatic polymer on the inside, near the top. If you rub your fingers against the upper surface of the bag, it removes the dust. You could charge the electrostatic area by rubbing it against the other side of the bag. Another option would be putting "Cheeto Tongs" in each bag, which would facilitate clean and careful consumption of the offending victuals.
tourist, Nov 03 2005

The Bag in Bag Bag_20In_20Bag
Another (slightly better, IMHO!) solution to the same [jonthegeologist, Nov 04 2005]


       Lick. It's what saliva is for.
egbert, Nov 03 2005

       Or you could just get those packets of finger wipes.
DrCurry, Nov 04 2005

       Cheese "flavored" fingerwipes. Mmmmm.
calum, Nov 04 2005

baconbrain, Nov 05 2005

       You eat Cheetos without a knife and fork? HEATHEN!!!!
Cedar Park, Nov 05 2005

       Its not static electricity that keeps the dust on your fingers. Its the oils from your skin and saliva from eating the cheetos.
DesertFox, Nov 08 2005

       Yeah, I'd call it gunk before I'd call it dust. A wet towel and a dry towel seem to be the only way to combat Cheetoh fingers. Maybe a damp pad, somewhat akin to a stamp pad along with a dry towel is the way to achieve this.
bristolz, Nov 08 2005

       Yeah. That's perfect.
bristolz, Nov 08 2005

       Cheeto does not end with -ito?
dogzapper, Nov 09 2005

       Cheeto dust is great! You can wipe it on your friends and see how long it takes them to notice. Then, see how long it takes them to figure out it was you. THEN RUN!
Chickenbreadthe1st, Nov 10 2005


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