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Bag In Bag

Eliminate Cereal Dust for ever.
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I detest cereal dust. The broken bits of shreddies, cornflakes or your favourite makes the milk go nasty.

My current method of choice to eliminate the broken cereal pieces from my breakfast it to shake the box a little which forces the larger complete pieces to the surface where I can fetch 'em out with my hand . Its tedious but it does mean that my cereal is not contaminated. [Before you anno, I know that shaking the box may cause additional broken pieces but I only use this method when v near the bottom of the box. A fresh box is *never* a problem]

The Bag In Bag will fix this. I propose an open mesh bag to contain the cereal, with holes smaller than a complete cereal piece. This in turn is held within a larger standard bag. Thus, the small pieces fall through and my cereal is as the manufacturer intended.


Postscript - Nestle offers me money for this idea.

jonthegeologist, Aug 08 2003

not more bags please http://news.bbc.co....th_asia/3132387.stm
Would not be approved in the himalayas [nichpo, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]


       Give me your cereal dust, human. +
sartep, Aug 08 2003

       Eat your breakfast from a sieve.
angel, Aug 08 2003

       but what about the milk, angel?
jonthegeologist, Aug 08 2003

       You noticed that, huh?
Use clotted cream.
angel, Aug 08 2003

       Eugh. Shreddie dust. I hate it.   

       Croissant for you on this occasion.
hazel, Aug 08 2003

       I recall sieving my rice crispies as a youth, ah those were the days. I think that as a grown up though, this has been less of an issue. A croissant for you on the assumption that you make you bag within a bag out the most environmentally sound material money can buy.
P.S. [Autosurgeon] I love Frosties dust.
neilp, Aug 08 2003

       [angel] Clotted cream eh? V decadent! [AutoS] Frosties Dust is plain evil [neilp] it will be made of the most environmental materials known to man. Whatever that is.
jonthegeologist, Aug 08 2003

       Mmmmmm....Frosties dust (+)
silverstormer, Aug 08 2003

       Using the Bag In Bag, lovers of Frosties Dust can collect the valuable powder and use it in advance of reaching the end of the cereal packet. Everyone is happy!
jonthegeologist, Aug 08 2003

       I'm beggin' to begin the big bag in bag beguine.
bungston, Aug 08 2003

       Using the <brand new>Bag In Bag In Bag technology </brand new>, you could also separate the fruit from your Special K Berry cereal from your Special K dust.
jonthegeologist, Aug 13 2003

       My depressios are turning back into cheerios! +
phundug, Aug 13 2003

       All the dust saved from Weetabix boxes could be mixed with milk and put into good use as an industrial building material.
squeak, Aug 13 2003

       I love the dust. It's the best part. I always look forward to the end of the box so I can get the dust. That last bowl of cereal is always the best!
jintag, Aug 05 2004

       when I was a kid I used to put cereal in a food wizzer to make the dust. If you have never tried this you would be suprised to learn that a bowl of corn flakes reduces down into a couple of mouthfulls. I would think this is a great way of getting breakfast in a hurry if your running late
farker, Aug 05 2004

       The last bowl of honey nut cheerios is the best!! All the sticky sugar dust sticks the cheerios together in a delicious sugary mess.   

       I propose the replacement of this system with another 2 bag system... a bag of cheerios and a bag of cheerio dust to dump on them!
eulachon, Aug 05 2004


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