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Cherub zeppelins

flying angels for cathedral interiors
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I saw that SkyCell was using its LTA RVs for examining stained glass windows in some cathedrals, and thought--wow! Why don't they get a Botticelli of the blimp to make a few of these in the shape of cherubs or angels to buzz the audience before services... Such a thing would really pack them in on a given Sunday...
cloudface, Nov 21 2004

Cherub Zeppelin [FarmerJohn, Nov 21 2004]

Skycell site http://www.skycell.net/surveying.php?p=20
Churchly hovering [cloudface, Nov 21 2004]

Angel Balloon http://www.arizonab...arade%20Balloon.jpg
[Klaatu, Nov 21 2004]

Motive power? http://www.harrythe...aphics/Z/angel4.gif
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 22 2004]

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       would get my attention! nice graphic FJ
dentworth, Nov 21 2004

       Praise be!
wagster, Nov 21 2004

       mind yer head!
po, Nov 21 2004

       FJ! Kudos on the graphic! How th'... What th'... Yow...
cloudface, Nov 22 2004

       I guess if you had enough of them you could even form soulball teams. And start a league. Play rival parishes. And really have Any Given Sunday in church. Complete with soulball thugs in the aisles...
cloudface, Nov 22 2004


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