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Full Range Motion Recovery for Rapture

Unfurl your wings
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The body banishes foreign viri, fungus and bacteria to the remote areas of the feet and shoulders, away from the heart and brain, and locks them away with calcification. The only reason why it makes sense to lock off one end of society is if the other is also locked off.

The solution is to free your prisoners. Your body can deal. You have anti bodies and you are not fatigued now and the bad guys are old and decrepit having spent so many years in jail with no exercise. And you are also unlocking your governing system so you will have the big guns.

Don’t hesitate, but don’t push too fast either. Always to the point if pain and then take it back a little and then face the enemy.

Recover your full range of motion from lock shoulder or Charlie horses, which are the prison, by doing stretching exercises that will use you taught muscle fibers, working contiguously over the whole body, to slice through the calcification, which, since your body evolved it with the help of the most powerful machine in the universe, in order to preserve its security system, is the most incredible building material in the universe, into furls which, after you have liberated your whole body, will emerge from you shoulders as wings and from your feet as fins, so that you may join the rapture via human powered flapping flight.

Resist me guys. Go ahead. Make my day. This is an offer you can’t refuse. Everybody wins. Even Donald Trump who’s infrastructure project will be annihilated, but yet may, if he wants to, continue to rule the “United States” which will newly be relegated to the process of opening prisons.

And bless you, in the name of the father, son and Holy Spirit.

JesusHChrist, Oct 14 2017

Word salad dressing Word_20salad_20dressing
An essential accompaniment [8th of 7, Oct 15 2017]


       well, in an effort to confuse things I could text this to my invisible girlfriend but my fingers would get tired.   

       I sense the creativity here ...So why not post a technology idea?
beanangel, Oct 14 2017

       //The body banishes foreign viri, fungus and bacteria to the remote areas of the feet and shoulder...and locks them away with calcification//   

       No it doesn't.   

       //The only reason why it makes sense to lock off one end of society//   

       Are we talking about society or the human body?   

       // is if the other is also locked off//   

       The other end of society? What are you trying to say?   

       //The solution is to free your prisoners//   

       The solution to what problem is to free what prisoners?   

       I was going to go on like this, but I shan't bother. This idea is word salad.
Voice, Oct 15 2017

       Is there a linguistic equivalent of croutons to go with it ? We like croutons.   

       Ah, and a vinagrette dressing, please.   

       Oh, and by the way, shameless elf promotion... <link>
8th of 7, Oct 15 2017


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