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Chewing Gum Pothole Repair

chuck your used gum in that hole rather than on the sidewalk
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In most places (except Singapore), people leave their used chewing gum stuck to sidewalks, under chairs, or other inconsiderate places. Also in most places there is broken pavement that needs to be filled with tar or asphalt.

If people want to do something about potholes in the roads they drive I propose that they deposit their used gum in said holes. Eventually, enough gum will accumulate to fill the entire hole.

To prevent the entire wad from coming off and sticking to one unlucky motorist's tire, people would also need to periodically spread some sand over the hole.

discontinuuity, Aug 25 2008


       + I'd do it except for having to stop at the same hole each time. Maybe there could be a gum drop-off so a bunch of it could be put down once a sufficient amount was collected...
xandram, Aug 25 2008

       Occasionally, professional city repair crews could be brought in to tackle tough jobs with six-feet high dentures chewing four-gallon wads of gum.
jutta, Aug 25 2008


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