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Chia Helmet

and body armor
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Your government issue BT37 helmet cover made of heavy duty, absorbent canvas is covered with a coating of sticky seeds. Attach it to the helmet and wear in a lukewarm shower before shipping out. Spray with water twice daily and the greens will sprout within 3 – 5 days. Covering the helmet with a clear plastic bag will speed the process.

A full growth of chia, basil and grasses giving a superior camouflage should be achieved by the time you get to the front. The edible herbs will also spice up combat rations. Terminate misting for imminent service in arid regions.

FarmerJohn, Oct 30 2004

I was surprised to find this oldie, http://www.halfbake...Flower-Power_20Suit
makes my Living Hat obsolete too [dentworth, Oct 30 2004]

[Dentworth]'s link of something [Jutta] found a while ago. http://wwwuk.kodak....hotosGrassBus.shtml
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 30 2004]

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       I thought we had a chia hat once on the HB
dentworth, Oct 30 2004

       Suggest tobacco plants - much more attractive than the foil-pack Marlboros that seem the current standard issue.
ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 30 2004

       Oh look, Jonathan in firearms has his cut with two basil blooms on either side - and what with the ball next week, i just want to make an impression you know? So. Let's start with some fertilizer here on the top and try a little pruning on the sides.
benfrost, Oct 30 2004

       <Spaceballs quote> "I bet she gives great helmet."   

       [2fries] links to [dentworth]' s link to [Jutta']s link to Flower Power , sheesh...
dentworth, Oct 30 2004


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