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Chicken Crossing

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A large person in a bright yellow chicken suit will escort you safely across the road at a number of busy junctions. You may question him/her as to their motives on the way over.
xenzag, May 23 2009

Motorist response. http://s68.photobuc...ivingthebigbird.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, May 25 2009]

A different kind of lollypop chicken. http://www.marrybro...a.com/lollypop.html
[zen_tom, May 26 2009]

Get the answer in the FREE phone game developed by yours truly's company http://wap.cellufun.com/games.asp?g=ag
Why Chicken Why [theircompetitor, May 27 2009]

Youtube: Presentation by Armando http://www.youtube....watch?v=Sb1aQVpT-60
Tangental (by which I mean almost completely unrelated) response to up_on_cloud_nine's chicken/powerpoint themed link [zen_tom, May 27 2009]


       oh dear, would a seriously perverted person own up to their strangeness?   

       do you have to pay?   

       hee hee, I have been accused elsewhere of donning a duck suit.
po, May 23 2009

       //do you have to pay?// ...you risk a peck on the head with a heavy beak.
xenzag, May 23 2009

       ckickens - forgot sarcastic comment as pc failed to perform.
po, May 23 2009

       But why, [xenzag]? Why does the chicken do it? [+]   

       I love this. In my world, this already happens.
MikeD, May 23 2009

       [+] should definately become the new uniform for Lollipop People - just as high vis, more padding for reducing collision damage, more fun for children, and more philosophically correct
MadnessInMyMethod, May 25 2009

       crossing Sesame Street wheres big bird ?
100 percent, May 25 2009

       I'm going to give this a go.   

       I live near a road that leads to a farm.
skinflaps, May 25 2009

       But the chicken isn't actually crossing the road - like a Zenoesque torto-chicken, it only ever gets halfway across. Questioning its motives might result in a philosophical treatise on the irreducibility of time and distance.
As to its motives, being a Lollypop Chicken beats ending up as lollypop chicken (see link)
zen_tom, May 26 2009

       I would sooo love to cross the road at the chicken crossing...
In a fox suit.
Jinbish, May 26 2009

       + hehe and all the time telling *why did the chicken cross the road* jokes??
xandram, May 27 2009


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