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Cross-walk Rope Swing

For the daring pedestrian.
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A large metal frame is constructed over a road in the shape of two capital letter A's leaning against each other. A sturdy rope is fastened to the peak where the two A's meet. The cross-bars of these A's are about 12 feet in the air, and as serve platforms from which the pedestrian may swing from one side to the other. After reaching the other side, the courteous pedestrian will drape the rope over a hook where it is conveniently accessible to the next person going in the opposite direction.

If the rope is on the opposite platform, or if the previous pedestrian has inconsiderately left it dangling into the street, you can easily pull it to your side with the handy grappling hook located on each platform. (Thanks [21Q]!)

(EDIT: For the sake of pedantry, users of this cross-way should be referred to as brachiators, and not pedestrians.)

swimswim, Jun 25 2009

[swim^2] is more hands-on than [FarmerJohn] Swing_20Low_20City_20Chariot
who created the First Class version [lurch, Jun 25 2009, last modified Jun 26 2009]

Urban Jungle Gym urban_20jungle_20_28gym_29
[swimswim, Jun 26 2009]

Monkey Bar Pedestrian Overpass Monkey_20Bar_20Pedestrian_20Overpass
[swimswim, Jun 26 2009]

Same, but for cars Pendulum_20Bridge
shameless related promotion for a toddler-aged (3+ years old) idea that you may also enjoy [sophocles, Jun 29 2009]


       I had a very similar idea years ago, but when I searched for it found I had only made an anno on [FarmerJohn]'s "Pedestrian Pendulums" (which sounds like this idea, but isn't). Thank you for posting this.
lurch, Jun 25 2009

       Showing that the bravest route from A to A is an arc. A+.
shudderprose, Jun 26 2009

       I can't help thinking that swinging across a road in the path of fast moving traffic might be dangerous.
hippo, Jun 26 2009

       A hearty Tarzan yodel should alert the oncoming traffic to stop in its tracks. If injuries persist, however, something akin to a cross-walk signal can be installed.
swimswim, Jun 26 2009

       Looking forward to seeing the boy scouts help the little old ladies across this one!
kindachewy, Jun 26 2009

       Well sometimes you just have to walk across the street, obviously. But if some inconsiderate arse has left the rope dangling in the center, you can use the supplied grappling hook to pull it back. (EDIT: Incorporated [21Q's] input into the design.)
swimswim, Jun 26 2009

       Doable if you go a bit higher, add a net, and a bar in front of the net so any tall vehicles hit the bar, not the daring brachiator.
sophocles, Jun 29 2009

       Unfortunately, because it is indeed an arc, the pedestrians/trapeze artists would need to get soem height before starting out. Furhtermore, of course energy is lost, so unless they push off really hard, they may not make it across (and remember, they need to make it UP to the raised platform on th eother side. Failing to make it means they will end up hanging in th emiddlke of the street, awaiting the next 18 wheeler to concretely convince them of the idiocy of their ways.   

       But hell, I'll vote for it - foolish death has always been an amusing diversion for me
marquisdenet, Jun 30 2009

       //awaiting the next 18 wheeler to concretely convince them of the idiocy of their ways//   

       Hanging in the middle of the road should be safe enough (except over one way streets). That sucking effect as the 18 wheeler roars passed may even get you to the other side.
shudderprose, Jun 30 2009

       I'm torn between linking to my Spidey-Ride! or 100 Things To Do And You Will Die...
theleopard, Jun 30 2009

       for safe-altitude purposes, what's holding you back from swinging with a large sideways component ?
FlyingToaster, Jun 30 2009

       As far as the advanced sidewalk genre is concerned, this is as far as most will need to go. It's fun and zany and everyone wants it, so +. But, what's to stop the zoo of ideas to follow? Ferriswheels, bats, monkeys on monkey bars, lots of things could carry us over the road.
daseva, Jun 30 2009

       Another possibility would be to have cars that automatically divide into two equal sections whenever a pedestrian is in imminent danger of being hit, then rejoining afterwards. Kind of like doing the splits
marquisdenet, Jun 30 2009

       [marquis], when I am elected mayor of Fun City, I will appoint you to a high advisory role.
swimswim, Jul 01 2009

       Hey... where the hell is Fun City?
daseva, Jul 01 2009

       Fun City is... well, if you take all of my spare money (theoretically, please) and figure out how far it would take me - then draw a circle of that radius around me, Fun City lies outside that circle somewhere. If other halfbakers can apply a similar metric, we should be able to find it by process of elimination.
lurch, Jul 01 2009

       Is Fun City's prison just outside the city limits?
hippo, Jul 02 2009

       [hippo], people are too busy having fun in Fun City to commit crime.
swimswim, Jul 06 2009

       But if you head towards Evilville and take a left just before you hit Pain St. you'll find a pretty massive jail.
daseva, Jul 06 2009


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