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Chicken pencil head

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The recent ill-conceived desire for ornamenting or disguising large objects with gigantic chicken heads can best be described as "environmentally unfriendly", given that (a) results are usually obtained using large quantities of fibreglass, epoxy and other petrochemicals and (b) the end result is a gigantic chicken head.

At the same time, consumers of actual chicken will have noticed that seldom - if ever - is the head of the chicken consumed. Indeed, it is completely absent from most shop-bought chickens. One is led to conclude that there is, somewhere, a chicken-head mountain.

Students of chicken anatomy will also be aware of the fact that the trachea of a chicken is typically about 6mm in diameter.

All of the hereinabove facts lead one to conclude that chicken heads - currently discarded - could be profitably sold as pencil-top ornaments. The top of the pencil is simply inserted into the trachea and jammed firmly into place. An entire classroom of students drawing with becocked pencils would be a joy to behold.

MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 27 2017




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