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Clip Loaded

a cartridge of graphite
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a small plastic container with five or so grooves in it. in each groove is three or four peices of pencil lead held in on the side by a small strip of rubber. the grooves would have to be different sizes depending on what calibre lead the pencil takes. the clip fits into another groove on the side of a mechanical pencil. there is a slot on the side, and when more lead required, tap the end of the clip and an internal mechanism pushes the piece past the rubber strip, and it falls through into the chamber. once the intial grooze on the clip is empty, turn it until it clicks and another supply of graphite is ready. when the clip is empty, either reload it or get a fresh one.

mechanincal pencils usually can be filled with graphite two ways. either depress the button and slide the graphite through the front (muzzle loaded) or you can pull out the eraser and load it like a shotgun. I'm just expanding on that. yay gimmicks.

schematics, Sep 04 2004


       Unless you write at the speed of 65 pages per second, I don't see why you need a clip loaded speed pencil. Of course, there's always the 8 barreled belt-fed mechanical pencil option.
destructionism, Sep 04 2004

       The Gattling pencil.
bristolz, Sep 04 2004

       I considered a pencil that fired a small eraser sized lump that would then explode and dispense graphite dust all over, but I reconsidered
schematics, Sep 04 2004

       Sounds like fun to me. Sure it's totally unnecessary but that's not the point.
5th Earth, Sep 04 2004

       //yay gimmicks.// Exactly. And just for fun, I think your exploding eraser idea would go well with this. It should be sold in a pack. Together. Like a family.
Machiavelli, Sep 04 2004

       There's enough geeks in the world who would buy such a thing. Patent it.
RayfordSteele, Sep 04 2004


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