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Chihuahuacroquet 2

a padded (bulletproof) glass ball for the sport
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same game, no cruelty! Also comes in extra, extra large edition with machine-assisted mallets if you want a ride.
Voice, Dec 19 2008

Chihuahuacroquet [Voice, Dec 19 2008]


       //no cruelty// No bun.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Dec 19 2008

       Yeah, think of them as cane toads with ears.
coprocephalous, Dec 19 2008

       Step 1. Rename Chihuahua to 'Drop Goal'
Step 2. Take DG for a walk to the local park
Step 3. Let DG play with local rugby/Am football team
Step 4. Ask kind full-back or specialst kicker for a favour.
Step 5. Rename DG to Three Points.
Jinbish, Dec 19 2008


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