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Chiral Croissant

Just to see a left-turning bun
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A croissant logo that curves left instead of right. Just to see if it can be done, considering that all bread products have a left turning tendency. Oh, yeah...it does have a purpose. Ummm…it looks normal in a mirror.
sleeka, Sep 21 2005


       Title bun for making me look up the word Chiral, another for the stated purpose, another for short-but-sweetness, and a whole loaf of buns for making me think (momentarily) that all croissants curved to the right.   

       Finally, a delivery van packed full of pastry goods unloading onto your front lawn for the idea of making chiral bread. [+]
zen_tom, Sep 21 2005

       I thought Chiral meant (by hand).   

       //I thought Chiral meant (by hand).// Probably...but in that case, I meant the other Chiral.
sleeka, Sep 21 2005

       On the other hand? : }   

       C-h-i-r-a-l Is that Jewish...like, as in Kosher? What the heck ...I love Kosher stuff. Especially the bacon.
Blisterbob, Sep 22 2005

       Thats a great idea, Sleeka. Even though you suggested it nearly a year ago, you are still super-cool.
sleeka, Sep 06 2006

       You are not going to trick me into annotating your idea just by churning it up yourself in such a transparent manner. You just aren't. It won't work.
GutPunchLullabies, Sep 06 2006

       While we're at it, how's about a danish that spirals in from the outside instead of out from the inside?
wagster, Sep 06 2006

       [wagster] that's just impossible - as anyone with a degree in Danishtry will be able to explain to you.
zen_tom, Sep 07 2006


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