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Happy Halfoween, Jutta

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In these financially straitened times, it is nice to see that the role of Chief Halfoween Icon Model Maker at Halfbakery Central is alive and well.

MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 31 2015


       I never noticed how a croissant looked like Jaba the Hut.
travbm, Oct 31 2015

       "Jabba the Croissant"
FlyingToaster, Nov 01 2015

       So, does the Dark Side have whole wheat croissants?
Canuck, Nov 01 2015

       Darth Baker
FlyingToaster, Nov 01 2015

       Welcome to the Rye Side.
travbm, Nov 01 2015

       Use a fork, Luke.
FlyingToaster, Nov 01 2015

       It's not really turtles all the way down, the universe actually is parked on top of a stack of very old croissants.
popbottle, Nov 02 2015

       Where is [jutta] these days? Besides Jabba, has she made any other appearances?
((waves)) in her direction!
xandram, Nov 03 2015


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