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Chocky Chippies

Salted Potato Chips covered in Chocolate
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This idea was after several cones with my g/f....

After alternating between cheese & onion chips and milk chocolate blocks, she came up with the brilliant idea.

Two of the most essential food groups combined in one!

A taste sensation!

Phurge, Dec 02 2000

Baked http://www.surprise...ed_potato_chips.cfm
[blahginger, Dec 02 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

A variety http://www.demour.com/Items.asp?ItemID=2
[blahginger, Dec 02 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Baked https://www.chocola...m/product/sea-salt/
[hippo, Nov 16 2021]


       Too Much! I'd have to drink several gallons of milk or cola to get that down. A bit milder is ok, like Wendy's chocolate shake and a order of fries. Dip the fries into the shake, Salty and sweet. That's me
pss_10, Dec 02 2000

       Wurf! That sounds repulsive...
StarChaser, Dec 02 2000

       I have had these before. StarChaser is right.
blahginger, Dec 03 2000

       Sorry but this has been thought of.... Page 348 of "America's Favorite Brand Name Holiday Recipes". I have never tried it myself but I bumped into it in their Chocolate Fantasy's section listed as Chocolate-Dipped Delights last week looking for stuff to make for my Christmas Party.
leefryder, Dec 08 2000

       I can't believe I actually got up and poured some chocolate syrup on my Pringles just now. Verdict: it's not particularly repulsive; in fact, it seems to bring out the potato flavor in the chip more than the standard onion/sour cream combo. I think I'll stick to chocolate/caramel popcorn balls, however.
shkspr, Dec 08 2000

       There was a chocolate covored potato chip business at the intersection of Hollywood and Vine ...for two months.
thumbwax, Dec 08 2000

       Receipt: Potato crisps. Strawberry Quik (from USA). Make a paste with the Quik. Coat crisps. Bake in oven on low for eight hours. Remove chips. Eat.
Vance, Jan 30 2001

       I broke out in a sweat - thought I had found some chunky carpenters covered in chocolate ......wow
po, Nov 14 2001


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