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Circuit breaker with current transmitter

Reads RMS current
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A DIN format Minature Circuit Breaker with inbuilt AC ammeter and an RF transmitter to send out the reading.

Simply set the transmitter ID, unplug the existing MCB and plug in the BorgCo unit. A receiver - which can be as simple as a single channel handheld device with an LCD display, or as sophisticated as a multichannel logger with data interfaces - allows the user to monitor instantaneous current on that specific circuit.

This is a more sophisticated version of the simple "energy monitor" using a clamp meter connector, which only displays total current into the meter.

8th of 7, Sep 13 2014


       I was looking for this awhile ago... you sure it's not baked ?   

       A natural fit for an analog ammeter would be as the face of screw-in breakers (the replacements for screw-in fuses on older panels).
FlyingToaster, Sep 13 2014


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