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Cistern Luggage Rack

I struggle with bags in a toilet cubicle.
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Toilet cubicles are not spaces where people hang around, generally, but there's an obvious necessity for spending some time in them. In general, I find them... adequate spaces, but my problems arise when I'm in an airport or train station and I have lots of luggage with me. It may not be heavy luggage, but manoeuvring round a restricted space with a couple of bags gets irritating very quickly. The normal design solution is to make the cubicles bigger, but this has two drawbacks; first, you still have to put your bags on the floor (which in the male toilets can be pretty icky), and second, there's still the problem of wrestling the bag into a position where you can reach the toilet satisfactorily without the bag nestling affectionately against your knees and generally being distracting.

The Cistern Luggage Rack solves these by, well, placing a luggage rack on top of the cistern. Duh. But think: you go into the toilet cubicle face first, and you're facing the cistern. A nonchalant swing from the shoulder and your bag is safely tucked up in the rack, leaving you with acres of space in which to move around, drop your pants, do a little dance, whatever.

Obviously this is only suitable for toilets that have cisterns, rather than those ooer posh things with the touch sensitive vibro-flush swilling bowl secret flushing Swanko-toilet. They could just have an overhead rack.

moomintroll, Jan 23 2006

Halfbakery: Luggage friendly toilets Luggage_20friendly_20toilets
Addresses the same problem, slightly more general. [jutta, Mar 16 2008]


       Sorry [moomintroll], this is what luggage lockers are for. No property owner is going to put these in because there are unfortunately those among us who would swing from them, shit through them, stand on them to peep over into the next cubicle, stand on them to ejaculate/piss over into the next cubicle, use them to climb into the next cubicle after locking their own cubicle, use them to hang on to so they can more easily 'kangaroo' the toilet..etc., etc., etc. and all that would just be in the Vatican City - who knows *what* would happen in any of our civilised western democracies.
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 24 2006

       ha ha Cistern Chapel - been there and the fish are still lingering to prove it.
xenzag, Jan 24 2006


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