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Clean Government Plan alternative to Obama's Clean Power Plan

Government: CO2 reduction
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Here's an exceedingly Modest Proposal that could be called "Bringing in the Golden Age".

The rapacious appetite for fossil fueled electricity of the Federal Government for climate control and office equipment would be stemmed by the simple expedient of turning off the power to all the buildings. Further emissions could be diminished by impounding all Federal vehicles and embargoing all travel save by foot. Employees would be instructed not to use their personal vehicles to commute to work. Most of the bonus of emissions reduction would, of course, derive from the cessation of pointless labor and resources filling in forms (save the trees!) for these same bureaucrats.

Though many paper handlers will complain that they are unable to perform their duties, we may gradually reduce their number by firing those not competent enough to adhere to this important and reasonable (dare I say, ultimate) Federal mandate. This formerly was the rule enforced against private industry by fines and injunctions so there is ample precedent. Steps should be taken not to allow the great mass of printed regulations and forms from composting and emitting C02 into the atmosphere, so such materials should be protected from decomposition by the elements in the empty buildings not turned to productive use.

The World would fall to its collective knees in admiration of this demonstration of our strength and commitment and quickly implement their own versions. There would be an exception for the military, provided of course, that they promise not to pick up any hitchhiking bureaucrats. The rest of the country could go about its business unmolested by that pernicious class and prosper knowing that they do God's work in staving off Gorebal Warming/Climate Change or whatever King Putt was talking about.

Hey, it's not the results that count, but the intent, right? No, don't thank me. I just love my country and want (nearly) everyone to be happy.

daddyvortex, Aug 11 2015

turn it off https://www.youtube...watch?v=nTgQYWv0xi8
like a light switch [popbottle, Aug 11 2015]


       Okay, after much reading, it looks like the core of the idea is   

       " turning off the power to all the buildings "   

       So why is it in other:general ?
normzone, Aug 11 2015

       I'm only going by [normzone]'s executive summary, but is this a rant?   

       Still, at least it's not in "product: robot".
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 11 2015

       What's the rationale for the military exemption?
pocmloc, Aug 11 2015

       Military exemption so countries that adhere to this aren't instantly militarily obliterated by countries that don't.   

       I kind of like the status quo of going all-electric in 20 years and then doing a crash carbon-capture -and-sequestration program when the climate starts to crash in 40 years.
sninctown, Aug 11 2015

       //military exemption// tsk, now you're trying to conflate ecology with peace. The goals do not depend on each other. An army does not rely on the high energy to weight ratio of fossil fuels for much of its operation, and many civil activities do.
FlyingToaster, Aug 12 2015

       This is true; the pedal & solar powered F-44 fighters are so much more effective than the jet-powered ones they replace, and I am impressed how little time it takes to quick-charge those electric tanks.
pocmloc, Aug 12 2015

       I boned this for rantishness, but withdrew the bone on reading the very modest name proposed at the beginning, which I like very much.
bungston, Aug 12 2015

       Rant. Not an original idea. And unsupportive of hitchhikers to boot.
normzone, Aug 12 2015

       You have to boot hitchhikers nowadays? Back in my day, I usually just got clipped by a wing-mirror.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 12 2015


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