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Cleaner Atmosphere Air Traffic Algorithm

Algorithm to replot air traffic routes towards a slight curve favoring the polar regions thereby assisting the natural cyclonic phenomenon of particle sink over the area.
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An algorithm that provides slight to modest deviations in air traffic routes on a global scale.

The idea is to nudge atmospheric air currents towards polar regions more efficiently and in a way that enhances the natural cyclonic phenomenon already present. Major existing flight paths are replotted according to the algorithm.

The result shifts particle discharge concentrations and turbulence from air craft on atmospheric currents in targeted latitudes . . Over time the collective effect of the adjusted routes help clear the air of pollution faster by aiding nature's "cyclonic dump" action over the polar regions.

It won't overburden the industry because flight deviations will be small and relative to each flights contribution to the over all effect distributed over a given time.

There is of course the argument that something like this should wait until we have changed our fossil fuel consumption patterns. I'm beginning to suspect, and there is evidence for such also, that there is as much contribution to upper atmospheric pollution from air traffic itself as from ground based fossil fuel consumption.

The minimum benefit here could be thought of as each flight following an obligation to "steer" it's turbulence and particle dump towards the cyclonic feed of air leading to the real cyclonic dump over the polar regions in order to slow the progressive buildup we have now.

hollajam, Oct 16 2002



       Regular flights will never "just be re-routed over poles".   

       However "polar" headings are common for commercial aircraft. I see them everyday.   

       All regular flights remain in their route but with a slight "bend" within very complex formulas..   

       It was hypothesized just a few months after 9/11 and because of the air traffic halt itself that upper atmosphere particle discharge may be playing a far more horrendous role in global warming than previously considered compared to ground based fossil fuel burning.   

       The natural cyclonic dump effect has been growing weeker inversely proportional to air traffic increase.
hollajam, Oct 16 2002

       As a related matter, have you ever noticed that hurricanes are always smashing into the US mainland, but hardly ever into England or Japan? It can be shown mathematically (I don’t have space here for the proof), that this is the direct result of cyclonic energy imparted into the atmosphere by driving on the wrong side of the road (i.e., the right side), attracting and reinforcing the energy of cyclones. Conversely, anticylonic energy imparted into the atmosphere over England provides a protective shield, repelling and diluting the oppositely handed cyclones.   

       (On the down side, anticylonic energy does produce a lot of fog.)
ldischler, Oct 17 2002

       But driving on the right side of the road (i.e., the wrong side) makes turning left more exciting. Anticyclonicly speaking, hurricanes being made up mostly of chaotic patterns are probably just trying to find someplace to land thats likeminded.
lazloquezos, Oct 17 2002

       Now I know I'm in the right place...
hollajam, Oct 17 2002

       bristolz, I'm not sure what you're implying here. Am I missing a joke?
hollajam, Oct 17 2002

       no, just some basic two dimensional curved space Riemannian mathematics.
yamahito, Oct 17 2002

       Fellow bakers I'm afraid I underestimated the need for background information here.   

       I may be incorrect for making this assumption but I suspect there is less familiarity with polar cyclogenesis than I had considered.   

       So to all: I am working on that remedy now. I don't plan to let it take priority over the freshly baked and baking pastries of the day but I promise not to disapoint when I get back.
hollajam, Oct 18 2002

       For some reason bristolz I was certain your annotation wasn't a glossary reference. I'm not sure why but I still feel a little cautious... Some little sticky emoticon's or known lack of such might have spared me the doubt :-)
hollajam, Oct 18 2002

       "Some little sticky emoticon's...might have spared me the doubt" -- I personally don't favor them, although cryptic comments on a satiric web-page do leave me slightly paranoid. -:
ldischler, Oct 18 2002

       ...what ldischler said...
hollajam, Oct 18 2002

       <silly>Ah, you were 'straight' about it then. <relaxes> Hard to tell sometimes. But now I'll have to delete yama. Will he mind? ... That will mess up ldischler's anno content and my response...I feel distressed suddenly... </silly>
hollajam, Oct 18 2002

       <grins> I do like this much better. Now I feel like a playwright. <wife enters suddenly>
ldischler, Oct 18 2002

       Great, now this is a real mess since bristolz deleted her "taken care of... sorry for the distress.." which referred to another previous deletion.   

       I need to come back and sort through with a clear head, which I obviously haven't now, I might risk getting lost in my markov chain.
hollajam, Oct 18 2002

       Hollajam, I know next to nothing about meteorology, but I did read recently about passenger jet contrails adding significantly to global warming by bouncing reflected sunlight back to earth. Is this what you meant, or is it just a by product?   

       Tufries, In part, yes. My main goal is to show how aviation routes en masse can enhance or deter the natural large scale polar cyclones' desirable effects. That's where the algorithm comes in. These cyclones *drive* weather on the planet as a whole. I'm working on better presentation - mostly saying enough without swamping the idea. I'll be back soon. At least you're interested and open minded and that drives me to stay on top of this. Thanks
hollajam, Oct 19 2002


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