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Cleaner laproscopic tumor grinding

When they grind away tumors with laproscopic things microparticles of tumors get smeared around, risking metastases so rinse with protein dissolving fluid between grinds
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I read that recently the fDA recalled laproscopic tumor grinders, because the microparticles could migrate, causing metastases (spreading). i think that a new protocol:

grind away 95% of tumor, with protein dissolving fluid.

then fill former tumor area with protein dissolving fluid, wait 1 hour.

grind away remaining 5% of tumor.

fill former tumor area with protein dissolving fluid, wait 2 hours, drain fluid.

measure that only 1/1000th of of potentially metastatic cells are viable.

procedure then might be 1000 times less likely to spread cancer

beanangel, Oct 12 2016

Samuel L. Jackson indeed ... MFD_20-_20Hypothesis_3f
[normzone, Oct 12 2016]


       wouldn't protein dissolving fluid be pretty tough on non-cancerous innards adjacent to where cancer was? You want to keep those bits, and they are made of protein too.
bungston, Oct 12 2016

       actually biological technologists use all sorts of highly specialized surfactants, part of how they do things like dissolve cells while leaving functioning mitochondria to measure. I think there might be an existing cell membrane surfactant that functions well.
beanangel, Oct 12 2016

       There's always hydrofluoric acid.
not_morrison_rm, Oct 12 2016

       // There's always hydrofluoric acid.//   

       Surely turmeric powder would be more appropriate?
AusCan531, Oct 12 2016

       Not tangy enough.
bungston, Oct 15 2016


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