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Cleaning Slippers

For picking up indoor dirt as you walk.
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If you walk around on an indoor wooden floor in bare feet, it's a matter of time before some particle or other (usually an errant bit of cat litter in out house) will end up stuck to the bottom of your foot. To avoid vacuuming hourly, I usually get around this with slippers, but it's not solving the problem, more rendering me insensitive to it.

So, imagine the sole of a pair of slippers with a series of chambers between the foot and base of the sole, something like an 8mm chamber (this is where the bits of cat litter etc. are going to end up) and 4mm support repeated in horizontal stripes for the length of the slipper. In the base of the sole, each chamber will be accessed by two molded flaps. So the person walks around until they step on a bit of cat litter. The weight pushes the sole down and the rubber flaps deform around the cat litter and the particle pops into the chamber. In this way, you can clean up a little just by walking around.

After a while, you peel the sole section of you slipper off, and empty it.

bs0u0155, Sep 20 2021

The Joseph Cleans 3000 https://youtu.be/iQD8H3u7EbA
Joseph is a genius. I think? [RayfordSteele, Sep 21 2021]


       Nice. There is a product called “Mop Slippers” which you can search for, but this does more
hippo, Sep 20 2021


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