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Clock with a Walking Fly, a Sleeping Spider and a Crawling Snail

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Clock With a Walking Fly, a Sleeping Spider and a Crawling Snail, features a set of perfectly made mechanical wonders attached to the ends of the second, minute and hour hands.

The fly is naturally the most active, so it marches around on its six tiny legs, marking out the seconds.

The spider sleeps on the minute hand, randomly making a half-hearted lunge at the passing fly, which it never catches.

The snail slithers along indicating the hours as it leaves a trail of slime, which gradually evaporates over the period of a day, and must be replenished when the clock is being wound up.

Larger version features: a foraging mouse; a sleeping cat and an ambling sloth.

xenzag, May 29 2011


       Get rid of the spider and we could talk. (neutral)
blissmiss, May 29 2011

       /X\(-_-)/X\ ... Boo!
spidermother, May 29 2011

       What have you got against spiders? [bliss]   

       You could opt for the "wrist-watch version", with a flea, a mite and a grub.
xenzag, May 29 2011


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