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Life Watch

Because time is a personal thing
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Sometimes my life is hectic, fast paced, sometimes it's quiet and relaxing. Depending on the pace of my life, my perception of time will change. I'd like a watch that will show not only the correct time in whatever time zone I'm in, but a measure of personal time showing how much I've experienced.

Brain activity is too difficult to measure so I'd like to go for heart rate. The watch, worn permanently, would start a new personal day every midnight and would move on one second for every heart beat it records. The longer I stay in bed asleep, the more my personal time slips behind. If I go to the gym, I'll be well ahead.

This would fulfil no real need or purpose. It wouldn't measure personal time very accurately, but I'd just like to know that I've had a busy day when, looking at the watch I see the top display (real time) showing 9pm and the bottom display (personal time) showing 3.25 the next morning. Then again, if it only shows 6.25pm I know that I really should go out for that run.

st3f, Feb 03 2003


       I like the idea, but instead, couldn't it measure either from the time you wake up, or start it from zero. Because if it starts at midnight, then you have already lost a lot of time.
krigre55, Nov 29 2007


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