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Closed Captioning for online and computer content

CC for the WWW & OS
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There should be a code developed that is a sub program under any video content played or streamed on the computer. The hearing impaired are unable to have the same benefits of TV while watching content from the web. It could be a separate window that the size, font and color of text could be controlled by the individual user.
krispykremednut, Jul 12 2001

MAGpie http://ncam.wgbh.or...s/magpie/index.html
Baked. This program captions the three most popular media formats. [Acme, Oct 17 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

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       From where does your empathy towards hard of hearing individuals spring?
thumbwax, Jul 13 2001

       from the wax in your ear that is now on your thumb
krispykremednut, Jul 13 2001

       Seems like this would be an easy browser addon, except for getting the captions folded into the main media-file specs (very feasible, I'm sure, just a matter of prodding until it gets done). Good one. And I always assumed thumbwax (the substance, not the man) was something like turtle wax.
Dog Ed, Jul 13 2001

       Thank you for your kindness, Unabubba. krispykremednut, I am not changing my vote from 'for' to neutral or otherwise, regardless of the faux pas (I am 85% deaf in right ear/with aid- 15%... 87% in left/no aid). I have - on good authority or perhaps poor memory, an assumption that at least one other member of our troupe has a loss of some magnitude. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would have to give the from-the-hip (which our Beloved and PeterSealy is the maestro) reply a 5 as it seems to be middle of the road and lacking originality. Regardless, and without colo(u)red judgment, from where did the genesis of the actual idea spring?
One cannot help but note the normal operating procedure at most transcriber locations for Television seems to be speed at any cost, including - lack of verbiosity or accuracy. The Closed Captioning available on that medium is laughable. I rarely watch television during the week - save for the weather, and that is just to see the overanimated weatherman - except when I want a laugh by turning on the Closed Captioning. That said, there must be some 'frustrated bagshot' (tune by: The Members - an old favo(u)rite and overlooked, underrated and largely forgotten Chelsea musical group) who may be apt to join you in your venture, if such is the desired scenario to the outcome proposed within the context of the idea itself.
As for the use of thumbwax itself, ask your music shop for it by name. They'll be happy to order it for you or put you on backorder if out of stock.
thumbwax, Jul 13 2001

       Come on I've seen much cruder responses to people on this site. Anyways I apologize if it did offend, It was in no way a slander to hearing impaired. I thought you might have a sense of humor calling yourself thumbwax and asking about a hearing impaired product, oh well.   

       The transcribing could be done ahead of time for a lot of content when it is made. The small amount of live streaming content would be a technical challenge. Most stuff I watch, i.e. movie trailers, interviews etc could have the transcription done before the media ever hits your computer screen. Just because the translation on the TV sucks dosen't mean this new media couldn't be a place to improve on a concept.
krispykremednut, Jul 13 2001

       i am 'hearingimpaired'but i FEEL like a fucken Deaf, so er,Im Deaf too bad if i can speak, it is for the convenience for the hearing bastards. as for captioning, on TV is not enuff, i want to watch BBCs in those early wee hours you get to all sorts of strange shits, what rich cunts are doing,what scientist are yabbering about , etc the list goes on, so I "m gonna throw in a TV tuner card to the computer, hook up the "dragon dictator", tear open the source of that program (use Delphi or sommat to modify it , in hope I'll have MY OWN active 'decoder' to produce subtitles (same thing as close captions...!!!!) drats, I might even tell Bill gates, Its' MY idea..... gimme the percetages, hate being poor.....
fluffybuds, Mar 16 2003

       this would be good not only for the hearing impaired but also for those of us doing late night surfing and not wishing to wake anyone up.
ironfroggy, Mar 17 2003


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