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Google WrongTranslations

Use halfbakery to tell google about wrong translations
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Frustrated about wrong translations on google translate? Put them up here.

Halfbakery gets top ratings on google. So just write in every annotation:
Google translate wrong translation:
English: misconstrued
Hebrew: kelca: Kahalacha (correctly/well done)
Should be:hfvn sla kelca: Huvan Shello Kahalacha (understood incorrectly)

English is the language from which you wish to translate;
misconstrued is the word you wish to translate, after listening to 50 ways to leave your lover;
Hebrew is the language you wish to translate to;
kelca: Kahalacha is the word you received in the translation, along with its transliteration, so people who don't know your language can read it, because its sometimes interesting.
(correctly/well done) is the English correct translation of Google's wrong Hebrew translation.

and finally: hfvn sla kelca :Huvan Shelo Kahalacha (understood incorrectly) is the correct translation expected of Google, with its transliteration and translation back into English, keeping as close to the literal meaning of the originally translated word(s).

It will be interesting to halfbakers. Its an original non- WIBNI idea, so cannot be M-F-Ded easily (albeit it may be speedily deleted, in which case you wont have the chance of reading this anyways, so no reason to waste time explaining how great the idea is...)

pashute, May 10 2013

Results of search for China Factory http://www.cnbxfc.n...h/index.php?id=hjbx
...religiously implements the quality guideline of “Conscientious & Improving, Top character & top product?and ISO9001 quality system [pashute, May 11 2013]


       Tried and doesn't work...   

       This idea wont' work here, simply because the Hebrew (or other languages) are turned into their uuencode, and so get the error message: Word too long.
pashute, May 10 2013

       I think I misconstrued this idea.
pashute, May 10 2013

       If you want to see bad translations, look at the official English translations of the encyclicals coming out of the Vatican.
DIYMatt, May 10 2013

       No, read technical instructions for parts made in China.   

       It was translated into Chinese by someone who has no idea what s/he's reading, usually from material owned by the original developer and taken without permission for selling to the competition, and then back into some European language, usually the language of the first company to buy the copied parts at a low price (and sometimes missing some important ingredient), and then into English so that everybody in the world can misunderstand.
pashute, May 11 2013


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