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Closed caption for PIP

Add an CC extra decoder to TV sets for the PIP Feature
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Should be easily baked, Add an extra closed caption decoder to tv sets for the PIP, that way, you can really watch two different shows at the same time, or two people can watch tv together. Have the closed caption appear where the regular closed caption would appear
senatorjam, Feb 23 2003

Sony Wega KV-36FV27 http://www.sel.sony...visions/index.shtml
[krelnik, Oct 04 2004]


       Whats PIP? Picture in picture?
sufc, Feb 23 2003

       PIP = picture in picture, very useful picture if I could only get to see or hear what's being said
senatorjam, Feb 24 2003

       Waht would happen when the main picture was showing something captioned, e.g. someone speaking in a foreign language that is subtitled? Apart from that I'd use this (+).
oneoffdave, Feb 24 2003

       Sony has a model that comes with a set of wireless headphones. You can put it in a mode where the sound for one picture comes through the speakers, and the sound for the PIP comes through the headphones. This solves the same problem without forcing you to read captions. (It also helps that this is a 36" set and you can make the PIP and the main picture equal sizes). See link.
krelnik, Feb 24 2003

       What if you had some sort of diffraction grating over the screen, so that if two viewers sat at the proper angle with respect to the set, they could watch two separate, but simultaneously broadcast and overlaid signals (with captions, not sound)?
snarfyguy, Feb 24 2003

       This makes me think of my parents' living room, where my deaf mother watches closed captioned shows on one television and my dad watches programs with sound on another.   

       But anyway, the problem is solved by having two televisions.
jnoel, Feb 25 2003


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