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"Shut up" remote button

Easy way to get your significant other/mate to pipe down during a show
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It usually happens while I'm engrossed watching "The Simpsons." My wife just starts yakking at me. Now, if I have to tell her to shut it, not only am I missing the dialog while she's flapping her jaw, but I miss even more while I'm talking. A great feature would be a button on the remote that causes the TV to make a quick "Beep" sound to grab her attention, and then runs a scroll along the bottom saying something like, "I'm watching TV. Please talk to me during the commercial." Maybe you could even program the message to be as nice/rude as you like.
TheJeff, May 18 2004


       Can your wife reprogram it to say "I want a divorce"?
MikeOliver, May 18 2004

       This is funny, right?
Gromit, May 18 2004

       Isn't it odd how its considered totally acceptable to talk to somebody while they're trying to watch T.V. and yet if you interrupted someone while they were reading "War And Peace" you would be thougth of as intrusive and rude.   

       // Please talk to me during the commercial //   

       The message would indeed need to be customised otherwise you run the risk of the commercial break conversation running-on into the next part of the programme.   

       After many years of suffering I have concluded that there are only two genuine solutions:   

       (a) Accept that in order to keep your wife from becoming disillusioned and bored with you, you will, every now and then, have to both speak and listen to her, forsaking your love of T.V. (b) Get your own back during Eastenders/Changing-Rooms/Whatever until you both come to an arrangement.   

       Note that (b) only works if you don't watch T.V. 24x7
dobtabulous, May 18 2004

       It took about 10 years, but I eventually learned to actually listen to my wife. It proved to be a powerful aphrodisiac.   

       I only regret all the fun I missed out on when we were young.
bneal27, Mar 24 2008


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