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Closet Valet

clothing and unclothing robot
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- Are you ready for the prototype test, now?
- Wait, are you sure it’s safe? I mean those hoops and appendages do look a little threatening.
- No problemos. Like I told you, the hoop attached to your shirt waist pulls it up over your head onto the special hanger and the hoop at your pants waist pulls them off via the foot cantilevers onto another hanger.
- So, that means they’ll be hanging inside-out in the closet with the other clothes until I want to be dressed?
- Correctimozzo. Then, to get dressed you choose the outfit, stand on the cantilevers with arms over your head, grab the ends of the shirt hanger, push your head against the green button and the closet valet’s hoops will come together pulling your clothes outside-out, dressing you in a jiffy.
- Ok, I guess I’m ready. Can I close my eyes?
- Sure, get ready for a luxurious strip…
- Oww!
- Huh? Oh sorry, I forgot to say that the collar should be unbuttoned.
FarmerJohn, Mar 16 2005

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       Possible customers:
Clothing stores, to put in their changing rooms, to help customers try on more clothes faster.
Busy parents who don't have time to dress their children. :-(
Elderly people, to help them live independantly even if they can no longer dress themselves.
Shy guys, in hopes that female visitors will get "accidentally" caught in the stripping machine.
robinism, Mar 16 2005


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