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Offshore Darrieus Turbine makes Clouds to turn deserts lush
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An array of modified Darrieus (vertical axis) Wind Turbines which each use their captured mechanical power to pump seawater through nozzles built into the blades. Droplets give off water vapour, leaving denser droplets to sink back to the sea taking the salt with them. Humid air forms clouds which condense over land, making rain. Rain falls, crops grow. (optional globalisation extension: crops are exported raising taxes to pay back loan from IMF to buy turbines which are Made In Scotland from Griders by Struggling Scottish Shipbuilders)

This is not my idea but is a proposal from my research supervisor, who is doing a paper study of it. Thought you guyz'n'gals would like it!

shameless_self_reference, Sep 05 2002

EnviroMission http://www.feer.com...9_12/p041innov.html
Electricty from desert heat [ty6, Sep 06 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Floating wind turbine could whip up rain (2002) http://environment....imate-change/dn2309
Is this your research supervisor? [jutta, Feb 19 2008]

Green Weather Machines Fight Global Warming (2005) http://www.guardian...environment.society
Same source, but now - three years later - the salty droplets will increase the reflectivity of clouds. [jutta, Feb 19 2008]

Futuristic fleet of 'cloudseeders' (2007) http://news.bbc.co....grammes/6354759.stm
With pictures of the two researchers, concept drawings. [jutta, Feb 19 2008]


       It's not at all clear to me that this would help green the deserts. As it is, the wind sweeping over the sea picks up both sea spray and water vapor. The Sahara is right next to the sea, and obviously doesn't benefit.   

       Typical fuzzy logic from grant applications.   

       P.S. Where can I get some of those griders?
DrCurry, Sep 05 2002

       Shorter title please? Recent view is getting messed up...   

       Don't we have enough clouds and rain in England?
NickTheGreat, Sep 05 2002

       Send some to us, the poor farmers in Australia are buggered at the moment.
skinflaps, Sep 06 2002

       If you could connect the cloud making turbines with 'The Tower of Power' (see link) you would really have something. Looks like Austraila is going to make a go of this skinflaps.
ty6, Sep 06 2002

       I think I heard about this idea on BBC that the NPR station hear plays after midnight. Sounded crazy but I guess the best ideas usually do.
tedhaubrich, May 26 2004

       Please explain the context for trying trying to turn unpopulated areas into farms, distant from where the product will be consumed. Like electricity the products of farms are invloved in a supply line that looses efficiency with distance.   


       Carbon fuel? Calories for starving people? (we seem to have a surplus) some sort of mass migration program? drought relief? It would work but I need a why.
WcW, Feb 20 2008


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